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Courses and Talks

Are you interested in hosting an in-person or online course, seminar or webinar? 
I have facilitated more than 50 courses and trainings, and given hundreds of tours and talks to audiences ranging from home gardeners to professional growers. 

Course and Seminar topics: 

  • The principles of Regenerative Growing

  • Creating a no-dig regenerative vegetable garden

  • Regenerative garden and farm inputs, including composts, homemade inoculants and fertilisers

  • How to feed your soil and heal your plants using local resources

  • Crop planning and interplanting strategies

  • Understanding and working with Soil microbiology

Course options: 

  • On-line webinar: video conference

  • In-person course: Depending on the type of course, numbers may be limited


The courses at Living Soil Garden are hugely informative and very inspiring. Dario and Flavia are enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers who provide a wealth of information. Fortunately you don’t have to remember everything as they give you access to the course materials afterwards. Each course includes practical exercises which provide you with take home goodies which you have made yourself, using ingredients which Dario and Flavia have carefully prepared and assembled in advance. 


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