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I offer professional advice on how to set up or regenerate your land, whether it's for domestic or commercial purposes. I can help with:

  • Designing no-dig regenerative vegetable gardens

  • Creating an integrated forest garden

  • Designing multifunctional syntropic systems, comprising of vegetable, fruit, nut, timber and egg production

  • Composting and soil regeneration, including vermicomposting, DIY liquid fertiliser setup and more

  • Designing irrigation systems for food production

  • Creating processing and packing facilities for commercial vegetable production

  • Advising on crop planning, varieties and marketing

Consultation options: 

  • On-line support: video calls and e-mails

  • On-site visit: 2-5 hour consultation involving site assessment, observation, verbal design advice and addressing specific problems

  • Participatory consultation: on-site visit comprising a talk or course and specific advice.

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